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My dearest
I shall to cover this time, I've been to have divorce, but I cannot concentrate. So I'm doing what seems to be the best thing to do.
You have given me the greatest happiness of all time, the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every where whole anyone could have been. I'm known that I'm spoiling your life. And without me you could work, and you will. I know. You see I can't even write this probably. All I want to say you are the happiest in my life.
Is that I feel all the happiest with you right? You have been patience with me. And I will remember you goods. Every thing will go on without me but the certainly your goodness.
I can't go on spoiling your life any longer. I don't think tow people could have been happier than you and me.
Somebody should die that the others know precious of the life.

“The hours”, from the character who has played “Virginia woolf”

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نیکزاد گفت...

I was looking at a photograph,
Taken in a garden long before the war,
And out on the lawn,
There were old men and dogs and little children,
All of them gone forever;

There were people by the waterside,
Standing in the same place where I am today,
Nothing has changed - but you know,
That time is moving like a river,
It can only be love forever;

There are those who can never cross,
The space between a father and a son,
When they are young,
We must say all the words that should be spoken,
Before they are lost forever;

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پرستو گفت...

you are right honey!
but one thing else that i've meant is: there are the years between me and my belove, there are the love between my lover and I, there are the hours between me and the men whom i've loved them, however we should life in face, should know it for life, and should life, then put it away.

ما بیشتر نیکزاد عزیز